Why Are Horses Considered To Be Great Athletes?

The sheer strength of a galloping horse is really an awesome sight. Lots of people devote their lives training these wonderful athletes to meet their potential and turn out to be a champion, whilst millions more obtain satisfaction from observing these animals participating in many different equestrian endeavors.

Horses possess very big hearts, which transfer considerable amounts of oxygen-carrying blood through the entire body. The heart becomes bigger and stronger with training, and bigger hearts associate with an enhanced exercise capability. Hemoglobin carries oxygen to the muscles from the lungs. The blood isn’t the only source of the horse’s red blood cells. The equine has a big storage of red blood cells within the spleen that may be mobilized by the contraction of the spleen at the time of exercise – these can easily double the level of red blood cells.

The blood volume of the horse also improves with training. It will help with not only the maintenance of the circulation but also aid in cooling the animal during intense exercise.

The equine stores huge amounts of energy within the muscles. Its muscle cells likewise have a high capability to utilize oxygen to generate energy, providing them with an increased aerobic capacity.

The power needed by the muscles while galloping is lowered by having hardly any muscle tissues in their lower arms or legs. Instead, there exists a system of ligaments and tendons that not only decrease the weight of its legs but also act to store vitality like springs, which is actually discharged during the propulsion stage of the stride.

The horse’s respiratory system is also remarkably evolved for running. In humans, the gas exchange surface area is roughly the size of half of a standard tennis court. In case of a horse, the gas exchange area is approximately 10 tennis courts! In spite of these adaptations, the respiratory system of the beast is the limiting aspect for athletic skills. Whilst galloping, all normal race horses become hypoxemic meaning that the oxygen level within their blood is lesser than normal. This doesn’t occur in human beings. One of the feasible causes of the hypoxemia is because of the fact that horses happen to be obligate nasal breathers (they need to breathe via their nose). They also possess a long neck and head, and consequently the air they inhale needs to travel considerably before any sort of gas exchange can take place. The animal’s respiratory system is unable to supply oxygen as quickly as the heart and the muscles are able to use it. You can easily see why even minor issues with any area of the respiratory system might have a substantial impact on the performance where speed is of utmost importance.

From all these above-mentioned facts, it is not difficult to comprehend why horses are considered to be one of the most athletic animals on the planet.

The Dog Days of Summer . . .

Everyone that has a dog knows the issues of dog urine and maintaining a lush, green lawn.  Frustration comes and goes, but there are many things that you can do to help correct the problem.

Causal Factors:

Many factors can make lawn burn occur more:

  1. The size of the dog matters.  Of course, larger dogs will leave more urine on your lawn, thus cause more damage.
  2. Believe it or not, female dogs cause more damage than males because they don’t tend to mark several areas like their male counterparts.
  3. High protein diets will cause more damage due to the higher levels of nitrogen in the dogs urine.  More protein . . . more nitrogen.
  4. Other issues with your lawn such as disease or draught will compound the issues with dog urine.
  5. Nitrogen is increased when you fertilize.  Nitrogen coupled with more dog urine will cause more lawn burn.


  1. After your dog relieves itself, saturate the area with some water.
  2. Don’t overload your dog with protein.  Use a high quality dog food.
  3. Train your dog to only use one location so that it’s easier to maintain.
  4. Hydrate your dog.  More water in the dog’s system will help dilute the urine.
  5. Use a urine-resistant gras such as ryegrass and fescue.
  6. Water frequently and don’t over-fertilize.

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Educating Pet Owners

cat-1423844If you own pets mainly cats or dogs, you might want to read this short post. At some point you will need the services of a carpet cleaner. As our technology evolves we evolve. Technology has allowed business owners in this industry to educate the consumer on the importance of maintaining a clean carpet especially if your a pet owner.

As time passes our world continues to change everyday technology is grabbing a hold of our everyday lives. Most people who run or own businesses are moving to or have moved operations online. This change has been happening and it’s happening fast! Most carpet cleaning companies are also using the web to educate pet owners.

This will help your lead generation strategy. Not only should your website ask for their personal info, it should also have a educational section. Technology has made it easier for business owners to increase revenue. All you have to do is build out a couple sites related to your market and boom you have an online property providing valuable info. Other service based industries have jumped into the “educational marketing” game. Let me give you a quick list.

    • Plumbers
    • Electricians
    • Roofers
    • Painters
    • Any other service provider you can think of

Self-employed individuals who own an actual brick and mortar biz can benefit and expand way beyond their wildest dreams, simply by educating the consumer. This is the “NOW” of marketing and the carpet cleaners are stepping up. This is the future and if you’re not ahead of the others you may be left behind. If you are interested in getting help with your web design feel free to let us know. Contact us here for a FREE consultation.

Remember it’s all about educating your consumer. If you are in the Carpet Cleaning industry it is important to teach the consumer how to protect their property from those lovable, athletic pets that get all over everything!

Possibly the slowest race in town…

We’ve all heard of the fable about the tortoise and the hare, right?  The one that the hare thought for sure that he would beat that slow tortoise.  If that hare thought tortoises are slow, I wonder what he would think of these guys?

Snail RacingWho knew that snails were athletic!?  If you didn’t know, common garden snails often compete in a laughable race called snail racing (pretty creative name, right?!) The species of snails are autochthon to Europe, but many have found their way accidentally to many countries.

The majority of snail racing events occur in the United Kingdom, but do occur all over the globe on, normally, a circular track.  They are first placed into the center and the first one to reach the edge of the track is deemed the champion after the 13-14 inch race.

Snails If you ever find yourself in Congham, Norfolk, UK be sure to check out the “World Snail Racing Championship.”  The next one is set to take place on July 16, 2016.

Slow and steady wins this race!