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The Dog Days of Summer . . .

Everyone that has a dog knows the issues of dog urine and maintaining a lush, green lawn.  Frustration comes and goes, but there are many things that you can do to help correct the problem.

Causal Factors:

Many factors can make lawn burn occur more:

  1. The size of the dog matters.  Of course, larger dogs will leave more urine on your lawn, thus cause more damage.
  2. Believe it or not, female dogs cause more damage than males because they don’t tend to mark several areas like their male counterparts.
  3. High protein diets will cause more damage due to the higher levels of nitrogen in the dogs urine.  More protein . . . more nitrogen.
  4. Other issues with your lawn such as disease or draught will compound the issues with dog urine.
  5. Nitrogen is increased when you fertilize.  Nitrogen coupled with more dog urine will cause more lawn burn.


  1. After your dog relieves itself, saturate the area with some water.
  2. Don’t overload your dog with protein.  Use a high quality dog food.
  3. Train your dog to only use one location so that it’s easier to maintain.
  4. Hydrate your dog.  More water in the dog’s system will help dilute the urine.
  5. Use a urine-resistant gras such as ryegrass and fescue.
  6. Water frequently and don’t over-fertilize.

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